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“Thanks so much…the map is absolutely perfect!”  -Bonnie M., BBC News

Political Geography Now

PolGeoNow Control Maps is a project of Political Geography Now (www.polgeonow.com), a well-regarded educational website covering news and topics in world political geography, including territorial disputes, membership in intergovernmental organizations, and changes to world borders, flags, and country names. Notably, the centerpiece of most PolGeoNow articles is an original, professionally-designed illustrative map.

Since the beginning, PolGeoNow has been covering changes not only to official borders, but also to the unofficial boundaries formed by divided territorial control within conflict zones. And now, we’re giving this coverage – by far our most research-intensive and professionally sought-after work – a new web portal all its own, to provide a central repository for our territorial control maps and conflict tracking work.

Outstanding Maps

PolGeoNow is widely praised for its top-quality, regularly updated territorial control maps, developed in-house with data compiled from a range of news media and academic sources. They have been featured repeatedly in the University of Texas’s Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, and have appeared directly in sources such as:

Additionally, maps closely based on ours have appeared in reporting by:

We have also worked with staff at the BBC and other well-known organizations on map projects that have not as of yet been published.

Quality Coverage

The articles accompanying PolGeoNow’s control maps provide detailed tracking of conflicts, presented as timelines of events and concise situation summaries, illustrated through successive updated editions of each map. Though the central focus is on changes to territorial control and administrative status, other key military and political events are also included for context.

We strive hard to stay strictly politically neutral, reporting only what is, and never taking a position on what should be. In a world with plenty of other sources for political analysis and policy recommendations, PolGeoNow’s content is designed not to favor or condemn any country, group, political party, or ideology – but neither do we censor the facts, even if some parties may find them inconvenient.

Trusted Source

PolGeoNow’s control maps are widely recognized by experts as valuable illustrations of the known facts on the ground, and by extension as useful references for anyone less informed. Our control map reports receive thousands of visits every month from readers ranging from university researchers, to magazine editors, to diplomatic staff, to government officials. Our content is used internally by several government ministries in European countries, as well as in classrooms and law offices internationally. In addition to the many publications using our maps (see above), PolGeoNow has also been featured in the Taipei Times and linked to by sites including:

Funded by Readers Like You

We are a small operation that relies on subscribers to fund the work that goes into our maps and reports. If you would like to support our continued production of quality conflict reporting, we encourage you to sign up for our professional control map subscription. Even the lowest-level subscription grants you full access our entire catalogue of territorial control maps, including both new publications and our archives going back to 2012.

Who We Are

The chief editor and cartographer of PolGeoNow is Evan Centanni. At present, most of PolGeoNow’s reports are produced by Evan and conflict researcher Djordje Djukic, with others joining for occasional contributions or collaborations.

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